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Doula for DadsOne of my great passions is supporting men and families in the joy of bringing children into the world. This is a new venture for me, and I will eventually make a website just for this.

My support for men, Doula for Dads, is a service I offer to individuals that can use my insight and presence for this momentous initiation. With all the changes and work it takes to carry a child, expecting mothers need a lot of support. That’s why it’s so important to empower the expecting father, so that he also feels supported, and may better be there for his partner and coming child.

I am also offering a series of parenting classes to accompany this service. I will post more info on this soon.

Please contact me to connect about this.

In service to strengthening families and communities for the health of both the one and the world.

I can support you with…

  • Your thoughts and emotions that come up with the coming of your child.
  • Understanding what is going on with your partner, and what you can do.
  • Principles of good parenting, good fathering, and healthy partnership.
  • Clearing the slate so that you can be the father you want to be.
  • Being there at birth, or when you just need some support.
  • Being part of an even stronger world for your child to come into where mother, father and child feel supported by their community.
  • Affordable pricing: I will work with your needs to find an exchange that works for you and your family.


Learn AdobeI offer tutoring in Photoshop, After Effects, iMovie and WordPress custom design. I can also help you with projects in other Adobe programs such as InDesign, Illustrator and Flash. I live and operate out of the Rogue Valley area in Southern Oregon.

Please contact me to get started.


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John Palombo and I have worked together for almost a decade. He is a fantastic web wizard and has always done a superlative job, for my own websites, and also for other authors and clients of mine that I have sent is way. He is dependable, highly creative, and reasonably priced. I recommend him highly!

Deborah Perdue
owner of Illumination Graphics
and author of Grace of Gratitude Journal

I have worked with John Palombo on many web site projects through a variety of clients for the past 4 years. John has always been knowledgeable, friendly, and fast. We’ve had many challenges for which John always finds a solution. He’s been a life-saver in several cases. I would recommend John to other’s in a heart-beat!

Jeffery Jones
Advertising & Marketing
A Taste of Ashland
Art Inspires Ashland
Southern Oregon Visitors Association

John Palombo is a pleasure to work with. He is very effective and efficient and gently guided me as we created the Your Body Book website. His design is bright, dynamic, pleasing to the eye, and yet simple and easy to navigate. My favorite features include the floating light stream and the icons, that move as the page scrolls. He is a great coach; I am able to edit my pages as needed, thanks to WordPress. He gave me an accurate quote, and was very careful about logging our time together along with his work on the website; I appreciate that. My website has been up for more than a year and I am still very pleased with it. I highly recommend John.

Doranne Long, PT, MS
D’s TheraP LLC
Author – Your Body Book


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